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100% Habotai Silk- Kid's Small Set of 2 worship flags

Dimensions approximately 22"x35"

*Perfect for smaller worshippers or for dancing in smaller spaces

Embroidered with "Healing Leaves" stitching

Ready to ship


Kid's Worship Flags- Small Set

  • Each flag is ice-dyed individually and every flag is unique. Silk wrinkles easily. Each flag is ironed before shipping, however may be a little wrinkled upon arrival. Spraying with clean water while ironing on low helps get tough wrinkles out. 

    Spot clean with cold water or if needed can hand wash in cold water with gentle detergent  Due to the non-toxic dyes and the chemical free processing, it is normal for some color to run off when washing. Iron while damp using a low iron/silk setting.


  • Each Flag has a flexible fiberglass rod. These rods can break if bent in half. Please take care of your flags and rods. If rods break they can splinter. Please contact Giyl Worship Company for repair options. Giyl Worship Company is not liable for any injury due to worshipping with flags. 

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